February 2017

French Fries Embroidered on a hoop

Spring 2017 – Embroidery is making a BIG comeback!

No matter how you slice it, dice it or needle and thread it, Embroidery, patches, and embellishments are inserting themselves into our lives. I have seen it on bags, backpacks, jean jackets, napkins, virtually anything you can stick a needle through. If you cannot embroider direct, make a patch and sew it on! I do not always follow trends, however I am trying my hand at Embroidery for the first time, and I must admit, not only is the task¬†enjoyable, but relaxing and it’s portable so you can take it with you. At first it may seem difficult and monotonous, however, the more skill you develop, the more you realize the potential in your craft. For example, you may self-teach, or just try to mimic other embroidery at first, but then you realize – hey, that thread is too thick, how do I get thread that looks dainty as opposed to my thick thread. How do I give the effect of thickness, or pattern, or total randomness. You may be totally free handing it, when really you could be pre-planning, drawing out and literally pin-pointing every move. I had no idea the multitude of stitches! It turns out I was stuck on the back-stitch for most of my projects. Most likely there is an infinite amount of stitches to be learned, mimicked, taught, shared, discovered, and mastered. The best thing about embroidery is ANYONE can learn, like anything else, practice and skill can be attained through time. So start, don’t be discouraged, keep at it, and don’t prick your finger!